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  1. I really like these ideas. Now to just stick to them. Thanks for the tips.

  2. queenofkaos

    Hi Judi. At various times I’ve done each of these separately (well, maybe not the pick up after myself part so much :0) and it just doesn’t work the same, I guess it’s a good example of synchronisity.

    That said, you can start by developing one of the keys at a time and build on each one as you get in the habit of the others.

    I agree, the hardest part is keeping it going. I am working on a program that will help us to do exactly that.

    Meantime, there is the Declutter Day free program in the links above and also I have a TAKE 5 free program as well, it’s to help us get in the habit of doing something every day, and each 5 minute task does make a difference. It’s a little like a mini BOOST Circuit.

    The subscribe info is here


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