Good morning Vietnam! I say that once in awhile in remembrance of the movie with Robin Williams in it. It’s an old movie, I only remember it was a good one with a great and sad message. But I’ve never forgotten that line. He was in the middle of horrendous chaos, real actual horrendous chaos that would make the kind of chaos that we find ourselves in child’s play, and starts his day as a radio announcer there with this line. It’s based on a true story by a real guy and his experiences during this time. Hats off and remembrance once again to Robin Williams, he brought so much to this world and was a true kind soul.

Being Robin Williams he of course brought humour to the situation so I say it with a light heart and a big of irony. Thankfully these days I don’t say it with unnamed piles of junk waiting to be put away lying around me, but with some action going on with the animals I’ve been so blessed to have taken on.

It’s time change time, I slept in until 6:30, attempting to keep my early mornings of gold going and even bumping it up due to a great book that I’m reading right now (or listening to I should say while I maintain my schedule) with a rocking headache. Bowzer knocks my water glass onto the floor during our good mornings. I roll my eyes but am thankful that it doesn’t break. Lily right away accidentily hits it with her paw and being round it rolls across the room. I chase it and stoop to pick it up and it rolls the other way. Cursing my headache on this important second day of attempting to beat the time change clock I finally catch it and we continue on our way.

There is more. A lot more that I won’t bore you with the details of. But I laughed to myself and said it’s a kung foo morning! As I felt like I was fending off one small irritation after another and had only been awake 5 minutes!

Since having taken a hiatus for many reasons from this beloved space of ours, the Queen of KAOS where we all have our place to laugh and grow, I’ve been itching to get back to it. This morning seemed the perfect day.

I had to ask.

Do you ever have Kung Foo mornings?

Of course I know the answer.

The answer is that…

We All Do.

Life goes up and down. Not straight up like I once thought it did.

Roll with it.

Do what you can but look on the good side.

What you have.

Who you have sharing it with you right now.

Chances are that life is great and this is just a Kung Foo morning that’s going to pass in a minute or two. Or four.

Or maybe life isn’t so great, that happens too.

But there is probably something great in it somewhere.

Find it. Latch onto it like nobody’s business and don’t let go.

That’s your island. Your starting point. Just for today.

Don’t take the little things so seriously.


Just Keep Going.

You’ll get there.

One step at a time.

I did.

Each step just keeps getting better and better.

Good Morning Vietnam!

For all of you who need a cheery wakeup call this morning among KAOS.

Have a great day!

Love Jan



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