Make It Fun! Quality Time Ideas For Kids

 Make It Fun! Quality Time Ideas For Kids

A Monthly Guide of Quality Time Ideas for You and Your Kids 

By Lisa Marie Fletcher, E.C.E 

As a work at home mom of 3 young sons Lisa Marie is an ongoing inspiration… Lisa helps me to keep things under control here at the KAOS center, as well as running a thriving Tupperware business and other things.

So I was very pleased when she told me that she wanted to put together a monthly guide full of fun things for families to do to encourage quality time. 

As a mom of a tween and 2 bonafide teenagers myself, I can tell you that the time goes faster than you ever thought it would and to grab every minute while you can with no regrets.

If you get one message from this entire website, that would be it in a nutshell.

If I could turn back the time, I'd devour Lisa's guides every month and enjoy every minute of it. My kids would have been richer for it and so would have I.

The good news is, that even at their age, there are fun things included that we can do. When they're home that is!

Below is some info about the guide, as well as a table of contents so that you can see all of the fun activities she has put together for us this month.

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Remember, all you have to do today is love your kids.


This month, my theme was the earth and the environment.  Trying to instill the thoughts of reduce, reuse and recycle, many of this month's crafts are made with "junk". Since Earth Day is on April 22nd, the thought of teaching our children that green isn't just a colour sounded like a good one to me. Have fun making things together!
From the introduction:
"This guide will offer you a month's worth of ideas – ranging from quick and fun to activities that will need some advanced planning on your part. All the ideas in this guide can be adapted to fit your child's age and developmental stage. Make sure you participate with your child!
I've tried to include a wide variety of skills and areas – art, language, social skills, math, science, technology … If your child is seeming to really become interested in one particular activity, expand on it, using your child as a guide. They know what they want to learn, what they want to do, what they want to play.
You will find that each month is planned around a specific theme and colour – and while not all the activities are based on that theme, you will find many that are. The idea is to make the things you do in each month flow, connect and web together – developing and encouraging discussions and learning opportunities as you explore together."
 I also remind you to take lots of pictures. Remember these moments forever.
MakeItFun! April – only $9.99

April's Theme: Earth&Environment
April's Colour: Green

Here are the activities and ideas included in this April guide:
  • 1. Texture Rubbings
  • 2. Window Art
  • 3. Colour Day     
  • 4. Dirt Cake
  • 5. Ladybug Rocks
  • 6. A Nature Walk
  • 7. A Symphony in the Kitchen
  • 8. Can Stilts  
  • 9. Recycling Station
  • 10. Make An Earth – Round 1
  • 11. Playdough
  • 12. Mud Fingerpainting
  • 13. Make An Earth – Round 2
  • 14. CleanUp Crew
  • 15. Juice Lids Recycled
  • 16. Paper Tubes Reused 
  • 17. The Lorax
  • 18. Plant A Tree 
  • 19. Dinosaur Feet
  • 20. Bottles Reused 
  • 21. Make An Earth – Round 3
  • 22. Earth Day Celebration 
  • 23. Earth Day Online Games & Activities
  • 24. Volcano Eruption
  • 25. Button Hunting
  • 26. Safari Drum
  • 27. Potato Painting 
  • 28. Make An Earth – Round 4
  • 29. Litter Bug
  • 30. Journal/Picture Album


Quality Time Activities
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