Not right now.

I’d like to but.

Someday when.

I’d love to.

I wish I could.

When I have time I’ll.

Oh Crap.

How can I improve this.

What is the one best thing that I can do right now.

I only have one hour.

Damn where did the time go.

I have to fix that.

When I fix that it will be so much easier/better.

I can’t wait until.

Once I get rid of that.

I better do that asap.

And that.

And that.

Holy how did that pile get there so fast.

I just want peace.

Someday I will have peace.

Love is what it’s all about.

What can I do without to make my life better.

Another square foot cleared!

Once Step Better Every Day.

I can’t wait until everything is functional.

Do you see yourself in any of these?

Do you have some to add?

Let me know below.

It seems like a lot of mental mess.

Some is not bad at all, in fact it’s great.

Make your own list.

What mind set can you tackle today?

If you don’t have any, borrow any of mine!

Just choose one and work on it.

Anytime you find yourself saying any version of it to yourself (knowledge IS POWER after all) do the opposite?

Don’t have time right now?

Make time to do even just a little. It will help you a lot later when you do have time, it will make it a priority somewhere in your psych to do more, and it will just make life that much better for you right now.

AND it will be helping you to form a new habit, which is what it really is all about for long term happiness and change.


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