My daughter said to me first thing this morning, “Wow, it’s almost good enough for company without even having to clean anything!”

And I said “Well it should be, why shouldn’t we have it that nice for us too?”

In all seriousness.

Then I got thinking of all of the times the house was out of control when she was growing up.

Yes, when clutter takes over it can create some guilt and hard to face realities.

Why shouldn’t it be good enough for company for me?

For my children?

My husband?

My family and friends?

Just something to ponder.

And just another angle.

As I’ve always said, clutter and disorganization is a mind game.

Everything is.

It’s where we live. In our head.

The rest is scenery. And discovery.

So why not look at it this way?

Set a new standard.

For yourself.

Your family.

That example.

For them to grow up with.

A new reality.

For you.

No guilt.

Just a fresh start.

A new, sunny day.

It is your day, after all, to shine.

Believe it.




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