Today was day 7 in the 5 Minutes for 30 Days Challenge.

Counter Tops.

my kitchen counter top before
It Looks Quite Messy Doesn’t It!

When I took my before and was mortified. It looks way worse than it is I was thinking. Then I looked at it and saw the countertop that was a mess waiting to be cleaned up so that it could be all shiny and nice to look at. Waiting for me. To do it. So I jumped in. Cleaning as much of them as I could for 5 minutes.

I failed miserably.

My heart was racing. I was fidgeting. Trying to get as much done in 5 minutes as I could. Knowing that I could never get it all cleaned up in 5 minutes. If I could, I wouldn’t be doing this challenge, right?

But I kept going.

And here we are.

5 minutes in.

5 minutes in decluttering countertop
Not too bad for 5 minutes.

Then something funny happened. I was getting pumped, and discouraged at the same time. If I couldn’t do it in the first five minutes, what in the heck made me think that another five minutes was going to make any difference.

But heck, I had another five minutes with nothing better than this to do anyway.

So I set my timer.

We were ready to roll…

I was surprised. Second time was the charm. Not quite finished but a lot better already.

So of course, you know what I did next, don’t you.

I set the timer.

For another, you guessed it, five minutes.

And voila.

15 minutes countertop declutter
This Is Better!

I did another minute or two at most to polish it up a bit, there are a few dishes in the sink but not much. Not five minutes worth. That has become my measure.

I am quite pleased. I need to do a little deeper and a little more painful decluttering of stuff off of the counter as my daughter has an air fryer coming that needs some counter space. But I’m a heck of a lot closer to being there now, that’s for sure. She will be pleased as well.

How about you?

Let me know how your 5 minutes cleaning your countertop went!


During this challenge you may often find that five minutes just isn’t enough. Don’t go into it expecting to finish. Go into it expecting to get started. And motivated.

And to make it just a little bit better than it was before.

That is enough for this challenge.

We are not looking for perfection here.

We are looking for a step up.

A little improvement.

And hope.

Because in this we will see that it is going to get better.

One day at a time.

We Have The Power.

To do another 5 minutes.

Anytime. We Want.

Ladies, Set Your Timers 🙂

It’s time to go.


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