This is the week we all put some time aside to have some fun and  colour some easter eggs with the kids, right?

I think that some of my favourite memories are of easter colour – and what better way to get some of those simple pastels and those bright fascinating colours into your home and your children’s memories than colouring easter eggs – both naturally and with easy food colour dye.

Plain and decorative – you can do some of each or choose a theme – that’s always fun and can be very powerful if you are using them to decorate your home.

If it’s not on your agenda, do your best to colour your world, make a few memories, have some fun and decorate some pretty  eggs to boot!

If your kids are older, or even too old to be interested, make some for yourself and your home – some of the ideas below will help you make some awesome displays.

how to make coloured easter eggs

Easy Brown and Blue Speckled – Southern Living

Making Coloured Easter Eggs – Creative Kids at Home

using natural colouring

Not only good for the environment, it’s a good learning opportunity for the kids…

How to Color Easter Eggs Naturally – Mother Earth News

Natural Easter Egg Dyes –

Making Natural Colours – Self Sufficientish

What to Use for Natural Dye and Simple How To – By Little Hands


Easter Egg Dying : How to Make Homemade Easter Egg Dye

Making homemade Easter egg dye involves adding any fruit, vegetable or spice into the boiling water when the eggs or cooking, such as grape juice, spinach leaves, beets or paprika. Dye Easter eggs using natural ingredients in the kitchen with instructions.


Using foods to color Easter eggs. Nice shot of finished naturally coloured easter eggs and great tip on how to make a deeper colour.


Getting Fancy…

Decoupage Easter Eggs – Country Club Livin – Very pretty! Must see…

Rubber Band Dyed Egg – By Little Handss – Nice and Easy.

Martha Stewart Lace Eggs – Another must see. Video instructions included. Also idea for simple egg dryer and ‘tie dying’.

Polka Dot, Gilded, Glitter, Pom Pom Chicks and Daffodil Basket – More Martha Stewart – Really Fancy!

how to colour easter eggs videos

 Simple ways to decorate your easter eggs!


Don’t miss…

More How to Decorate and Colour Easter Eggs Methods on Video

More Easter Resources…

Vegetarian Easter Recipe Ideas

Turkey Dinner Ideas for Easter

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