I just realized last night why the grocery store was so busy when I went shopping yesterday.

It’s Easter this weekend and some smart people were stocking up for dinner.

Not me, I forgot all about dinner this weekend.

Just in case you are in need of some tips for turkey dinner, I thought I’d skim through the archives and post some links here – and then go shopping!

I’m also picking up supplies to do some Easter Egg Creation tomorrow. My daughter is going to get a friend or two together and have an Easter Egg Decorating Party.

TIP #1

Go shopping, today if you haven’t already if possible. It’s going to just keep getting busier or the store may even be closed if you need something later.


Christina Ferare’s Turkey Tips on Oprah… (note – the link on that page is wrong, here is the right link – Christina’s Holiday Menu – more than just turkey… we had the pumpkin chiffon pie – my son still asks for it.)

Drunken Turkey – We usually avoid drunken turkey’s at our dinner table, but here goes…

Rhubarb, Strawberry, Almond Pie – what can I say besides yumm!

Coconut Creme Pie Recipe (a family favourite)

How To Make Whipped Cream to Go With The Pie – whipped cream is not my forte…

Don’t Feed Your Dog Leftover Turkey Fat and Bones – our dog Maggie died from pancreatitis a few years ago after we gave her leftover chicken skin and fat. Chocolate is also a big no no for dogs. Also be sure to watch the foil wrappers that many of the Easter chocolates and candies come in. Your dog may try to lick them and/or eat them. Foil or wrappers can cause blockages and abrasions inside of your dog’s digestive track and can be very painful and expensive at least – fatal at worst.

A few more Easter Dinner Recipes from Taste of Home. My grandmother used to subscribe to the magazine – good down home eating!


Have you got a favourite Easter recipe or tradition to share?

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