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With Easter weekend coming up, I was in the mood for browsing great Easter dinner recipes and ideas.

I prefer vegetarian and I was really surprised at how many great recipe sites are out there that cater to good vegetarian Easter meals and side dishes – and more all the time.

Even if you are having meat, these sites might give you some good ideas for side dishes and accompaniments for Easter dinner, brunches, lunches and snacks.

And guess what? These recipes are great all year round if you want to add some fruit and veggies to your meal plan for yourself and your children.


Before you go site seeing, be sure to  sign up to download this free recipe booklet of Easter Dinner Recipes as part of our Cooking CLEAN for the Holidays series.

You can save it to your computer, print your favourite recipes, get some great ideas and share the link with your friends so they can get a copy too.

Fruits and Veggies For Easter Recipes

NOTE: These recipes are not all vegetarian but they have a good mix, something for everyone.


You must check these out! I have been so inspired, not only for Easter, but for many meals to come.

You can scroll through this complete collection of vegetarian (and vegan!) Easter resources for almost unlimited ideas to suit any occasion or taste buds, including dinner ideas, brunch menus and even some vegan Easter candy ideas.

Have a wonderful Easter, everyone! …

Easter Menu –Vegetarian Food

Eating vegan may seem tricky around the holidays, but with a little bit of menu planning you can whip up a tasty, cruelty-free Easter meal that’s sure to please. …

Mmmmm – Peach Pie, Stuffed Mushrooms and Field Greens with Pear and Almond!

4 Vegan Recipes for Easter | Care2 Healthy & Green Living

Great for the vegetarians in the family.

Crunchy Apple and Bean Salad. Tender Green Kale with Creamy Goat Cheese and Walnuts. Crusty Yukon Gold Diced Potatoes with Garlic and Thyme…

Looking for an Easter DinnerSide Dish? | Mother Rimmy’s Cooking

Here are a few more recipes to try.

They don’t have a specific Easter Dinner theme, but can be used to jazz up dinner or some can be used as the main course if you want an alternative to turkey or ham or any other meat.

There are a LOT of good looking recipes on this site, and the site looks nice too :0)

I have a feeling that I am going to be doing a lot more browsing around this site when I am meal planning.

My two top picks that I would like to try?

Sinless Sticky Pecan Toffee Pudding – (what can I say – there are no words except Got To Try This!)

I am a BIG vegetarian lasagna fan so I can’t wait to try this with the  Lemon Basil Cashew Cheese, this I think is the missing ingredient – I often throw some cottage cheese in, but it’s hard to buy good stuff around here so I often don’t have it – and this looks 100x better.


Easter breakfast with the kids can be a very special time. If you are having guests or family over for dinner, it’s a chance to spend a little time to celebrate the weekend with them. And it doesn’t have to be just eggs or pancakes. Here is a gem of a new take on an old classic – grilled peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast!

I can almost taste it…

Main course

This is another blog that has an amazing assortment of Vegan recipes, don’t stop at one! I like the addition of radishes in this one. I’m not a big radish fan but this looks like a great way to jazz things up in colour, texture and taste.

And you might want to check out the Triple Ginger Molasses Cookie Recipe
while you are there… (and a few more…)

I love pesto and this one looks especially fresh!

Curry! Feta! Couscous! It just keeps getting better!

Something like a Super Strata if you love mushrooms, cheese with some greens thrown in there.

Waldorf Salad – Must Try for something a little different.


These look like a bit of time and effort, but they are worth the look for their artistry. And if you are so inclined…

Note from my daughter -> we should try this one, seems kind of complicated to make but looks really good.

Note from me -> I don’t think they look that complicated, but they do look really good!

A great alternative to sweet and gooey. Herbs can be a surprising addition.

My Favourite Fruit Dish – Watermelon Mint Salad

Speaking of adding herbs to a fruit salad – one of my very favourite recipes is Watermelon Mint Salad.

It’s so easy – Chop up some watermelon. Add some fresh mint leaves and then crumble on your favourite Feta Cheese.

An AMAZINGLY fresh salad to freshen a spring meal up – and absolutely heavenly on a hot summer day.


Fruits and Veggies for Easter ebook download


Fruits and Veggies for Easter Recipes Booklet, part of our  Cooking CLEAN for the Holidays Series - you will receive recipes and resources for every holiday!

Take a bit of time to go through it with the kids and choose some of the recipes to try.

There are some tasty and healthy recipes in here that could become easy family favourites.

I used to think of Easter as a time to eat heavy and not so healthy foods like rich desserts and chocolate full of sugar, bread, gravy and turkey and/or ham for dinner.

There is so much more than that to choose from!

Or you can add some lighter, healthier items to the traditional menu.

I am going through it to make a grocery list for Easter Weekend shopping tomorrow. I will be sure to share it with you.

I was planning to make a list of my favourites but there are so many!

- Salads (a little twist on some classics)
- Drinks (some great REAL fruit drinks)
- Bakes (Veggie Bakes hot out of the oven)
- Sides (I never would have thought of these)

So I decided to just go ahead and list the Table of Contents so that you can see for yourself.


  1. Easter Egg Cocktail Spread
  2. Peter Cotton Tail Appetizers
  3. Pastel Easter Punch
  4. Frozen Fruit Soda
  5. Fruited Sipping Tea
  6. Moist Sweet Potato Bread
  7. Mr. Rabbit's Favorite Salad
  8. Hippity Hop Salad
  9. Grape and Marshmallow(!) Salad
  10. Fruit in a Cloud Salad
  11. Peter Cotton Tail Salad
  12. Creamy Red Potato Bake
  13. Steamed Veggies with Honey Sauce
  14. Golden Baked Green Beans
  15. Crockpot Cheese Corn
  16. Saucy Red Cabbage Skillet
  17. Escalloped Pineapple and Cheese
  18. Raspberry Rice Dish
  19. Spring Sautéed Fruit Medley
  20. Orangey Banana Casserole
  21. Edible Easter Egg Baskets

Here's a quick sample recipe. Not all of them are so cute but they are tasty and healthy.

Peter Cotton Tail Salad

What You Need:

4 canned pear halves
8 whole cloves
8 almond halves
4 t cottage cheese
4 lettuce leaves

How to Make It:

Lay a leaf of lettuce on 4 small serving plates.
Place a pear half cut side down on the lettuce leaf.
Place 2 cloves on the skinny end of the pear half for the bunny eyes.
Place 2 almond halves on each side of the pear for the bunny ears.
Add 1 t of cottage cheese behind the larger end of each pear for the cotton tail.

Serves: 4

These are cute little salads that can be placed at any child's place setting. They
will get a giggle out of seeing an Easter bunny at the dinner table. Chopped red
maraschino cherries can also be placed on the pear with a toothpick for a cute
little bunny nose.

Note: Be sure that these are age appropriate and point out the cloves and any toothpicks for safety.


Fruits and Veggies for Easter Recipes Booklet, part of our  Cooking CLEAN for the Holidays Series - you will receive recipes and resources for every holiday!

Happy Easter!

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