I am finished spring cleaning in the bedroom!

spring cleaning pictures

Week one down – 5 more to go.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Here are the pictures of our newly decluttered and cleaned up bedroom.

Notice our cat who is really liking the clear spaces.

Here is the new view from the top of our stairs looking into our bedroom.

Now it’s getting really easy to see where I need to continue.

Refinishing the small dresser for one.

 Or should I say finishing refinishing the dresser (3x fast). 
spring cleaning pictures

I couldn’t resist including this shot of the number one bed messer upper.

She almost blends into the floor.

LOVE the floor space!

I bet she does too.

spring cleaning pictures
This corner is still a little cluttered with too many books.

I did manage to clear a few shelves in my closet as well, so some of them can easily fit there now.

The green chest needs some polishing up, my husband wanted to keep it (mostly to save him from lugging it somewhere I suspect :0)

 It has my curtain material in it so I thought what the heck.

It does have character, my number one favourite thing.
spring cleaning pictures
Note the flowers that now have a nice place on my nightstand.

My son and his girlfriend, the little sweeties gave me those for Mother’s Day.

It was SO NICE to have a perfect place to put them. The lilies are also from my son, I guess I’m doing something right!

They will go outside soon, I just like them there for now.

And yes, it does get crowded around here sometimes with all these animals who think they live here or something.

This is Fatty Catty, guess why we call him that!

He is such a clown.

 I will have a photo series of him one of these days.


With phase one out of the way (compare the pictures I took on day 2 of the challenge), I am really excited to get to phase two in our bedroom – paint and curtains and maybe a throw rug.I have already got some nice white on white material to make some floor length light and flowing curtains for the windows. Week 6 is for catch up so I am hoping to get to them during that time, if not before!

You can see from these pictures what is possible.

You can see that your home doesn’t have to be perfect – I am still waiting for trim. It’s been a long wait I can tell you!

But there is always a lot you can do to make it better.

And guess what an added bonus can be?

Hubby might get in on the program.

Since I’ve been working wonders around here, he’s getting in on the plans for painting and doing odd things (like painting).

It’s a great side effect!


If you have the BOOST Housework Circuit, let me know and I’ll send you the Spring Cleaning Challenge and all that goes with it for free.

If you don’t have it, grab it now and I’ll send you the Spring Cleaning Challenge – a new challenge every day to keep you busy for 20 minutes for the coming 6 weeks for free. You’ll do your bedroom, then on to the livingroom, bathroom and kitchen. You get access to the private forum and the complete Spring Cleaning ebook too. 


Let’s face it. You can commit right now to work on spring cleaning 20 minutes per day for the next 6 weeks on your own. If these pictures have inspired you to hop to it, I am more than thrilled.

But will you is the big question. I know I won’t if I don’t have some kind of structure and even better, accountability and community to help keep me going on the days that I forget, ‘don’t have time’ or just don’t feel like it.

That’s what you get when you join the Spring Cleaning Challenge. I’m doing it. Get your friends in on it too!

The more the better and more likely you are to really take it up a notch in your home before schools out – depending on where you live.

Even if the little rascals will be home before you’re finished, you will still find life so much better and easier with clear spaces and some sparkle in your house instead of piles and confusion. 


Actually, my girls are getting in on it too. I’m letting them pick the paint for the living room, which I am onto right now.They are thrilled with the changes going on and have even been helping.

I will have some truly shocking pictures coming up! Funny how you don’t notice how bad it looks until you take pictures. Even if you are not doing the challenge, take some pictures and get a new view. If you are and want to share, just let me know.

You know what they say… If not now, when?

BOOST Housework Schedule
Remember, grab your BOOST Housework Circuit and get the Spring Cleaning Challenge FREE! You get a Spring Cleaning ebook, 6 weeks worth of 20 minute daily tasks to encourage you and support you a day at a time to get your whole house ‘spring fresh’ and you get access to the private Spring Into Spring forum.

I really hope that you decide to join us and start kicking some clutter.

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