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  1. Fee

    Hi Jan!
    I am delighted to be back in the Group. I just wanted to ask if the new Ebook is the same as the Boost Circuit, which I’ve got (somewhere) on my computer. I really want to get back into the routines again. I find them terrific. Also the Take 5 reminders
    make sure my home is ready for everything. I never have to think about what to do next.
    I’m also a fan of all Carole’s books which you talk about a lot here. The 2 work very well together and I’d recommend them to everyone.

    Have a great day Jan, and thanks again for signing me up.


  2. Jan Ferrante

    Hi Fee, fantastic to have you back!

    The full ebook has the same basic system, it’s a larger version with a much fuller explanation of the theory behind it that is meant to be informative as well as entertaining – and to help everyone to realize why we do some of the things that we do and to help us to change habits and mindsets that we may have without even realizing it.

    Just let me know if you need me to resend you anything or if I’ve missed any of your groups (do you need to resign onto Take 5 or the BOOST Circuit email groups? They are the ones that you will receive the emails to your inbox, they aren’t on the iShine community.)

  3. Tammy

    Is the “Boost Circuit” the same as the “My Clean House”? I went to purchase both of them but when I go to the shopping cart, both items say “Boost Housework Circuit”. Are they the same of different books?

    • Jan Ferrante

      Hi Tammy, it is the same. I need to include both on the page there so that it is clearer. I recently added ‘My Clean House’ when I created the new planner page and it felt like a good addition to me. Thanks for asking, I will update the page asap.

  4. Tammy

    On your website, do you have a page that lists what “reminders” I signed up for?


  5. Fee

    Hoping to make a fresh start on the Boost Circuit. Interested in ordering the Life System manual. I also plan on kick-starting Take 5 and Spring into Spring. My home DOES need a boost!!
    Looking for Group Members to join me in my quest for a cleaner and tidier house!

  6. Lana

    I don`t know if this is what I`m looking for. I work 12 hours a day and have 2 teenagers at home. I`m just looking for a way to have the house somewhat cleaned and organized so I don`t need to spend my entire weekend cleaning and doing laundry. Is this going to work for my family

    • Jan Ferrante

      Hi Lana, I think that the thing about it that may work for you is that it provides structure but it’s very easy to customize to exactly your needs and it’s very simple – you can see at a glance exactly what you need to do and work with it. Basically you can ‘get in and get out’. It works for others in the family the same way.

      It works very well for the basics to help you to keep your house in functional order and you can use it to go deeper if you choose as well.


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