I'm going into Day 3 of the Annual Spring Cleaning Challenge today so I thought I'd keep you posted on how it's going.

I snapped a few pictures as I got started and how I left off yesterday.

The format for the challenge is 20 minutes per day.

I got totally ramped to make a big change so I decided to take some time to rearrange furniture.

The big dresser was my grandmothers. It sat in her laundry room for all of the time that I remember, way back when I was little and even as an adult after they moved to their new house – which my grandfather built when he was well into his 60's.

We have had it in the same spot in our bedroom for about 5 years now. 

I realized that it was blocking the view into the room and really wanted a change, I can't believe how much space I've freed up.

See for yourself as I continue into day 3. 

spring cleaning pictures
My dog Snoopy thinks he can hide in the clutter. It's amazing what you can find!

NOTE: Dog crate beside bed. That's for my Pomeranian who doesn't use it either! She is going to miss the window view where she lords over the kingdom.

spring cleaning pictures
Here's a shot of the bedroom once you are inside and to the left. I've got a bunch of stuff pulled out from decluttering but you can see that I also have exercise equipment that is finding a new home.
spring cleaning pictures
This corner has been a junk collector since time immemorial. I need to do something here for lasting change. That's part of the fun and power of the challenge, it pulls my attention towards what I need to do instead of putting it off.
spring cleaning pictures
Step two, getting better. Once the cleaning stuff is out and I've done a bit of polishing, (and make the bed!) I'm looking forward to the new look.
spring cleaning pictures
This area had become a dumping ground for my husbands papers. Just doing this fix alone, which took minutes, made a huge difference.
spring cleaning pictures
Here you can see the top of the dresser. And even the side chair, that took under one minute.
spring cleaning pictures
This little gem will be staying. I've often kicked myself for painting over my children's 'masterpieces' as they grew up. This is now behind the dresser, but someday when that wall is clear I'm going to trim it with a frame and show it to my daughter – the artist's – kids. Of course, it might give them some ideas!
spring cleaning pictures
Going into the new day… Wonder what tomorrow will bring… Stay tuned…


As you can see, I really needed to make some changes.

Not only was I collecting clutter, I was getting bored with the layout. That means one thing – yawn. That's not always so good, even in the bedroom because it causes us to lose our enthusiasm. Since I spent about an hour moving things around yesterday, I feel like I have a new bedroom and can't wait to get on with my session today.

I've been so excited about the changes, and spring being here that I want to make it easy for you too.


If you have the BOOST Housework Circuit, let me know and I'll send you the Spring Cleaning Challenge and all that goes with it for free.

If you don't have it, grab it now and I'll send you the Spring Cleaning Challenge – a new challenge every day to keep you busy for 20 minutes for the coming 6 weeks for free. You'll do your bedroom, then on to the livingroom, bathroom and kitchen. You get access to the private forum and the complete Spring Cleaning ebook too. 


Let's face it. You can commit right now to work on spring cleaning 20 minutes per day for the next 6 weeks on your own. If these pictures have inspired you to hop to it, I am more than thrilled.

But will you is the big question. I know I won't if I don't have some kind of structure and even better, accountability and community to help keep me going on the days that I forget, 'don't have time' or just don't feel like it.

That's what you get when you join the Spring Cleaning Challenge. I'm doing it. Get your friends in on it too!

The more the better and more likely you are to really take it up a notch in your home before schools out – depending on where you live. Even if the little rascals will be home before you're finished, you will still find life so much better and easier with clear spaces and some sparkle in your house instead of piles and confusion.  

You know what they say… If not now, when?

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