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Empty Sink Drainingboard and Counter

Two things about the above picture…

The Five Minute Fix photo is actually part way through my ‘fix’ when I remembered that I should have mentioned to wipe down the draining board if you have time. (That is one of my ‘sore spots’ that can get out of hand.)

It will depend on how much you have in your sink.

Believe me, there have been days when mine has been much worse than this – my two daughters are angel some days – like last night when my daughter did some clean up – and sometimes they drive me crazy by filling the sink with dirty dishes and then leaving them there – not that I’m perfect in this respect either…


Dirty Dishes are the Bain of my Existence


But the truth is, it’s just another one of those things that can be made a lot easier with a slight tweak in habits and mindset – see article link below)

So I had time to spare after emptying and washing my sink – which I did quickly by filling it slightly full of hot water and dish soap and giving it all a wash down.

Then I did the draining board which was not very full either – this is proof that

what ever little bit you do can set you up AWESOMELY for the next round – it all counts!

But when I was finished I still had clutter around the sink that I wanted to get rid of – that’s where the little bit extra came in…

I set the timer for another 5 minutes and ‘polished it up’.

A 5 Minutes very well spent I may add.

Why Not ‘Hold” Dishes in the Sink?

I’m pretty sure that you already know this.

There are two main reasons that we shouldn’t ‘hold’ dishes in the sink.

1. We can’t USE the sink. It drives me nuts!

2. We can’t USE the dishes. It drives me nuts!

This is not even taking into consideration that a clean counter is not only more functional – but it brings us a sense of peace and calm – this is so much more important than we generally consider.

If you doubt that, try it and see how much more you enjoy those first few minutes in the morning.

Need Some Dish on Doing Dishes?

Here is an article I wrote in 2008 – have dishes been hanging around that long!

One Great Thing Did Happen!

I just got a text from my my daughter who was gone visiting her boyfriend for a few days – she is on her way home.

I joked and said – it’s ok you don’t have to bring me anything (we are kind of weird that way) and then I filled up the kettle, noticing the clean sink (one of the 5 things you can do with a clean sink by the way).

Tomorrow is her birthday – and it occurred to me – I will be able to surprise her!

She does a lot of the dishes around here as part of her ‘staying at home gig” (which I love by the way) so it is often her that is complaining to me about the dishes (my little secret shhhh).

Can’t wait until she gets home.

Bet you have someone that you can surprise.

It feels fantastic!

This is exactly how these 5 Minute Fixes translate into improving your everyday life.

Love It

btw, you can see her here, this picture that I took of her a few years ago was the perfect background – and the article is worth the minute it will take to read too.

Enjoy Sunny Day

So how about you?

Let me know how it goes and post your pictures if you can!

Note: the email server that I use to post the daily challenge is down right now so you may not be getting yours to your email yet – if not but you have checked here and are seeing this – just go ahead and do it!

If you are not on the challenge list, why not?

It only takes 5 minutes! (or 10 if you choose)

Sign up below…

It’s free – and easy!

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Jan Ferrante

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  1. My Goodness, That seemed to take all day when don’t live alone. The common area is all too common. A dumping ground for every utensil one at a time, not as a group. But it got done, with our funky weather, I took advantage of my crockpot to cook a roast from the freezer for soup tomorrow. So, DAY 5, DONE.

  2. Done! It only took a couple of minutes as I have the dishwasher which I regularly run and empty when it has finished the wash. I do love to cook and I bake every couple of days, so pots, pans, baking trays etc can pile up quite quickly. Add to that all the cups and glasses that are found in most of the rooms in our home, and it can all get out of control. I usually make sure the kitchen is sparkling clean at the end of the day, as I really cannot stand coming down in the morning for coffee and seeing the kitchen littered with dirty dishes and work surfaces that need a clean. I am happy that this is already something that zi do, so today for my task , I unloaded the dishwasher snd scrubbed my sink with Cif.

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