February 26, 2014


Today I received an email from the chairperson of our Pegg’s Mountain Group (you can read more about our struggle to Save Peggs Mountain from a Mega Quarry development here www.savepeggsmountain.com).

He ended it with ‘enjoy the sunny day’.

I thought isn’t that nice, and it IS a sunny day – great idea.

Then I promptly forgot about it and got back to doing Day 5 of the 5 Minutes for 30 Days Challenge.

And worked long past when I should have gone outside to load up our outdoor woodstove – that’s how far into the ‘enjoy sunny day’ mindset I was – even after having had it on my radar.

On my way back  in I thought, wow it is such a nice day.

I could do some outside clean up and enjoy it today.

Then I remembered the email.

And it occurred to me.

How often do we forget to ‘enjoy the sunny day’?

Don’t forget to remember…

‘enjoy the sunny day’

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