In honour of Do It Now Week I decided to finally do a video – that’s been on my list for a long time!

It took about 5 tries, at which point my eyes were stinging from the sun so I had to put my cool rays on (I love to talk and walk so there will be more outdoor videos coming soon)  and I was starting to get brain freeze so it’s fairly short and to the point.

And my arm was tired because I had to hold the camera – I have a nifty camera tripod coming in the mail that wraps around almost anything – great for all kinds of fun photography.  And it’s just weird watching yourself talk on your blog until you get used to it thinking about all the things that you should have done differently but it was fun and a good learning experience.

As you can see, there were lots of reasons not to do the video. I could have said, what the heck and done it… tomorrow. Now that I know it’s not so hard, you will be hearing a lot more from me here.

And that’s the way it goes so many times when we finally do something we’ve been ‘meaning to do’. It’s not so hard as we thought it would be, and many times it’s even fun.

Procrastination can be such a downright devistating habit that can so drastically effect the quality of your life and that of your family too – many times without us even realizing it – that I thought it was worth a closer look.

If you are a chronic procrastinator, or if you have ‘a few things to take care of’, I hope this article provides you with a light bulb moment.  Have a look and then why not go take care of it? I guarantee it will be a load off…


In the video I talk about procrastination being a sign of the need to scale down. It is a great place to start – not only because when we are too busy it is obviously harder to fit things in – or to get motivated to to do them – but also because it puts us in a ‘scarcity of time’ mindset.

Scarcity thinking is the perfect set up excuse for procrastination.

What about if you do have enough time but you find yourself procrastinating anyway?


Sometimes inertia – or being in a rut – can cause procrastination too.

The only way out is to take the first step. As they say, that is often the hardest one.

If inertia is your problem, why not take the first step on that thing you’ve been putting off today?


Sometimes we get in a rut because we are tired or because our routine or lack of is filled with the same thing, day after day.

Be sure  to make getting enough sleep a priority and you will find yourself more motivated through the day.

And shake things up a little –

  • take the kids somewhere you may not usually go
  • say yes to something you would like to do where you would normally say no
  • think of your day as a clean slate – what can you put on it that counts? Make room for that first.
  • if you don’t have a routine – try one!

We are well into Do It Now Week – but there still lots of time to do it now!

  • Procrastinate: Say yes while saying “I’ll do it later!” ( – this article won’t take much time to read and has some great insight into the lighter side of procrastination and the role of enthusiasm.
  • Are you a procrastinator? ( – the first installment in the series – procrastination examined in depth. Grab a coffee and be sure to do something when you’re finished reading!
  • Ways to Outsmart that Procrastination Voice~ ( A listing of interesting blog posts about procrastination. Just remember – don’t read these articles if you are doing it to put something off – read with long term procrastination fix in mind – and then use it!
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  1. Well done Jan! Good video which puts some important points across that we maybe have overlooked, – like schedules!!

    That’s enough time for me today in front of my computer. I’m procrastinating again.

    1. Thanks Fee, I think it’s a great idea to schedule in a small amount of time either daily or weekly to specifically tackle things that we’ve procrastinated on. It would fit perfectly into the BOOST housework circuit sheet.

      You could even make a procrastination task checklist to put in your planner! That way you would have it all available and at a glance and never forget anything (that you’ve been trying to forget :0).

    1. Hi Selene! I have an RCA Small Wonder, it’s really good because you can flip out the lense so that you can see yourself. You can get a clear view but you can see more or less if you are in the picture. You can even freeze a frame and use it as a jpg picture using the software that comes with it.

      It’s really easy to use. I got it on amazon for about $100 – they have hd now I think, mine isn’t.

      I made a welcome video with the story behind the website but I’ve had a hard time uploading it. My connection is a pain! Hopefully it will be up today sometime.

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