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  1. Fee

    Well done Jan! Good video which puts some important points across that we maybe have overlooked, – like schedules!!

    That’s enough time for me today in front of my computer. I’m procrastinating again.

    • Thanks Fee, I think it’s a great idea to schedule in a small amount of time either daily or weekly to specifically tackle things that we’ve procrastinated on. It would fit perfectly into the BOOST housework circuit sheet.

      You could even make a procrastination task checklist to put in your planner! That way you would have it all available and at a glance and never forget anything (that you’ve been trying to forget :0).

  2. Good for you, Jan! Doing videos is something I have on the list as well. What kind of camera did you use?

    • Hi Selene! I have an RCA Small Wonder, it’s really good because you can flip out the lense so that you can see yourself. You can get a clear view but you can see more or less if you are in the picture. You can even freeze a frame and use it as a jpg picture using the software that comes with it.

      It’s really easy to use. I got it on amazon for about $100 – they have hd now I think, mine isn’t.

      I made a welcome video with the story behind the website but I’ve had a hard time uploading it. My connection is a pain! Hopefully it will be up today sometime.

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