I’ve had such a blast unprocrastinating last week that I’m finding it’s carried over to this week.  It feels so good to get those nagging little details off my plate that I thought, “Hey! We should have a week dedicated to Doing It Now!”

I am ironically two days late with the idea,  but what the heck, if it works for you, no reason we can’t carry it over to next Tuesday. We make our own rules around here :0)


I LOVE using whiteboards. One of my do it now tasks was to rub off one of mine that I had written some concepts on a long time ago so that I can start USING  it again.

Now I am listing all of my Do It Now unprocrastination items on it and having a blast rubbing them off.

Organization and time management does not have to be complicated. It just has to be fun. And done.


I’d love to hear how you have some fun with your time management or organization systems.

And what did you do now that you normally would have put off until later this week?

Go ahead and do something just so that you can come back here and tell us all about it.

It will feel great.

  • More Wall Space Means More Whiteboards (isocket.com) – if you’re a whiteboard freak like me, you’ll like this video. I especially like the cleaning crew – that’s my kind of cleaning!
  • Inside the mind of a procrastinator (ismckenzie.com) – everything you wanted to know about procrastination. Set your timer – you could spend enough time on this site to have to put your Do It Now list off until tomorrow.
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