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The object of the Double Day Game is to set the bar a little higher by doing double today.

Make it a game today by including fun things as well.

And counting. Counting is always fun :0)

You can double things – such as pick up 2 things, then 2 more.

You can double time – such as 5 minutes, then 5 minutes more.

You can double people power – one child plus one more – or even better – one child plus one mom and have some quality time together – even for 5 minutes.

Be sure to stress the benefit  – double results.

This game really does give double benefit – but it also is a great way to show what happens if you do a little bit more, or go just a little farther. It could be a great theme to work on.

I am no a believer in perfectionism – but I myself have often been amazed at how much better things can be with just a little more effort.


So many times the hardest part is starting, the few extra minutes spent is just AWESOMENESS.

Have fun with this today – your last Get It Done Game for the week.

Of course, you can play any of these games over and over.

I hope that you do!

If you would like to receive the Get It Done Games series to your email and receive further ‘Get It Done’ notifications and discounts, you can sign up here –



I like to use Get It Done Games with my BOOST Housework Circuit – it’s my quick clean housework system that makes housework into a bit of a game and no brainer way to clean house.

If you would like to use it too, you can get it here –


btw, if you want it for half price, sign up for the 30 Day Challenge or Get It Done Games to access the Secret Discount Page…

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