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I’ll also be adding a few tips and resources for making it easier to get the kids to help.

Here’s the link for sign up… (you need to do this if you would like to receive the games – this way those who don’t want them won’t be bothered with them in their email – we like to keep things organized and clutter free around here – or die trying!)

And to be honest, I would like to know how many of you are interested in tools for kids – I would like to do a lot more of this in the future but not if it’s not something you feel the need – or want – for.

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Here are a few reasons beyond the fact that ANYTHING that can make clean up a little quicker and more fun has got to be a good thing to try.

My kids are getting to be young adults now, so I have an interesting perspective.

I can look back and see the things that I wish I had done differently.

One of those things is to have involved the kids more in cleaning up.


Two reasons…

1. They didn’t want to – and let me know it!

2. I thought it would be faster and easier to just do it myself.


Make it fun and make it fast.

This is what Get It Done Games will do for you.

And this week they are free.

Monday to Friday you will get a new Get It Done Game to play with the kids, as well as bonus resources to get those creative juices flowing with your older kids too.


Just sign up.

You will receive 5 Get It Done Games over the next 5 Days.

(this is a new last minute idea I’ve had so if you don’t receive something right away, don’t sweat it – it is on the way!)


Use YOUR power as Mom right now to teach your kids that cleaning up doesn’t have to be an endless chore.

Teach them HOW to clean up the fun, fast and easy way.

You will receive tips and tricks to help you and that you can pass along.

It doesn’t hurt to try.

It’s free and you can unsubscribe anytime.

SO, here’s what you can do right now…

You can do nothing and things will stay the way that they are (or maybe get worse.)

You can join in on the Get It Done Games to get some fun ideas and templates to help the kids clean up (ok, I play them too – so can you).

Help Me to Help Moms and Kids

The idea of helping families to ‘clean up’ over the coming week is very exciting to me.

You can help with that too by telling your friends. They may be glad you did.

You can even play with them – check in with each other and brag on what you improved and how well your baby is doing – or brainstorm ideas to make it better or to help each other to stick to them.


Take your 5 Minutes for 30 Days Challenge up a notch for this week with your kids home.

Don’t miss this chance.

Let’s do this. LARGE…

sign up below

Click the links below to go to the sign up pages.


Let the Games Begin!

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