Ever feel like your spinning your wheels?

Running in place?

Going no where?


I've felt that way before. Exhausted from doing too much without a chance to stop for breath, never mind to clean the house or work out as I know I should be doing.

But there are other times.

Times when I fizzle.

When I tell myself that 'I just don't have time!', as I load another web page that I just MUST browse this minute. Or tune into my favourite show on TV.

Everyone needs some down time, but it can turn into a habit.

And suddenly it is true. You don't have time to look after the things that will give you and your family a truly beautiful life.


Sometimes we just don't notice the choices we are making.

Sometimes we just need to get out of the loop. Take a step back to our old routines.

Sometimes we need to allow ourselves some time off, with the agreement that we will make ourselves get back into the swing of things as soon as our time is up.

It's not so hard.

It's just a matter of being aware.

As I type this I am aware that I have been doing the same thing the past few days.

Allowing myself a little too much leisure time to make up for an especially busy 'busy stretch'.

I deserve it, don't I?

I do, and so do you.

But I also deserve to feel good and to feel the calm that comes with having things moving in the right direction, instead of stagnant and even going the wrong way.

And so do you.


Feeling behind?

How about taking some time to get back to what needs getting back to.

What ever that might be.

I am tackling my kitchen table.

It's become a little crowded lately.

We'll celebrate by eating dinner at it.

Fancy that!

What are you going to do?

I would love to know. It will make me feel better Laughing.

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  1. Hi, Jan,

    I always feel so good when I can manage to get dinner prepared early in the day, so in the afternoon, when the “crazies” hit around my house, I can take it easy and know dinner’s sorted! I feel good all day just knowing that is out of my way!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  2. Hi Michelle! Thanks for letting us in on this great tip. As you said, it’s such a good feeling to have the family meal taken care of and off of our ‘plate’. And it’s wonderful for any family that Mom makes mealtime a priority.

    We had a quicky meal last night (at a clean table!), but tonight we are having chicken. Maybe I will make a pie, I have a pie shell here and some whip cream. hmmmm.

    What did you have?

    I’m having a great weekend, getting ready to tackle some paper piles around here that will be a load off.

    Hope you are enjoying yours too!

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