One day I was cleaning up and the laundry basket I was using to pile things in to take to the basement was getting fuller and fuller. It was piling up!

I thought to myself, if I keep doing this, it is going to get unmanagable and hard to carry down the stairs.

Then it hit me, hey! That is what I used to do in many areas of my life and yes, it did get unmanagable and hard.

What a great illustration of the benefits of doing things more frequently in little bites rather than allowing them to pile up and do in one big session (which usually doesn’t happen until the ‘pile’ is over flowing and we just want to run from it!)


Think small. Do it in bits before it piles up.
What ever it is.

Notice how much easier it is to keep up and think about the benefits of making this a regular part of your routine.

 The timing is especially great now, with the new year being an excellent time for a fresh start.

As a matter of fact, small bits is a large part of the reason the BOOST Simple Housework System works so well.

 You can read about it here…

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