I had a brainwave this morning when I was continuing my quest to clear clutter from every corner of every room of my house. 

I decided to call it…

My Scientific Theory On the Acoustics of Clutter

It started with a bookshelf that had been sitting on our deck/sitting room. I really didn't like it there, it was cluttering up the space and was mostly unused – that in itself is an anomaly, a bookshelf unused!

Still, it took me months to think of the solution.

As I sat pondering at my desk one day in my office, a place that desperately could use a few more unimposing shelves, the idea popped right into my head with a 'DING!'.

There was a perfect place in the perfect spot for it, right in front of my eyes, and to the the left of my desk.

So this morning I got to work clearing it out to get ready for the move. Since I've been doing my BOOST every day, I had already done most of it, so it was an easy job.

I vacuumed the place that would be it's new home and asked the 'boss man' to move it for me.


After the shelf was moved I braced myself as I walked onto our deck for the immediate feeling of relief that I knew was coming, now that the piece of furniture was gone.

And I wasn't disappointed. I rearranged a few things and said AHHHH…

And pondered, why is it that every time I clear a space, that feeling of relief comes over me.

And it was at the point that I noticed.

The room really did FEEL different. 

And it occurred to me that there was mere a hint of an echo where the empty space now sits.

It was calming.

And soothing. 

And I wondered…

is there an acoustic of clutter? 

That would be the opposite of the clear and soothing soft hint of an echo.

That would be the stuffy noise that implodes your ears, even though you don't think that you hear it.

That would be the noise in your head that deafens and intrudes. 

That would the sound of mess and noise of piles and the deafening crash of too much stuff. 

So now that I think about it, I realize that yes, there are acoustics of clutter.

As there are acoustics of clear spaces. 

Next time you create a clear space stop to consider the sound of peace.

THAT is a beautiful noise.

Now I'd like to invite you to invite that beautiful sound into your home with TAKE 5, your free daily 5 minute task to beat clutter and create clear spaces… 5 minutes at a time.

Can you hear it? You will… 

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