Some day's I am so amazed with my BOOST Housework Circuit that I decided to show you a few examples of what can be done during a 5 minute time pocket.

This is the foundation of why the BOOST system works so well.

spring cleaning pictures
A shelf that tends to get sloppy in our small downstairs bathroom. It's an area that I always ignored thinking to save it until I 'had time'. Little did I know that all I needed was 5 minutes.

spring cleaning pictures
Much better! It's amazing how small things can make a big difference.
spring cleaning pictures
Another 5 minute fix in the same bathroom. This bathroom tends to be the junk collector room. It's in the basement right in the way to our front door and living room, has the utility sink, small and has a lot of work to do! Being inspired by my first 5 minutes, I decided to go for another round.
spring cleaning pictures
Much better again! This room needs some fixing up, but it still looks better without the clutter. Matter of fact, less clutter is probably even more important in smaller rooms that can get overloaded fast. I know this one does. The BOOST Circuit is so helpful for this. Otherwise it can stay a wreck for too long as I continue to 'wait for time'.

5 Minutes Really Can Be Magic…

So imagine what 4 x 5 minute time pockets can do (that's only 20 minutes). Or 8!

That's what I have plugged into my BOOST Circuit and it really does work like magic.

Especially if you do them every day.


If you want to give your house a daily sparkle with 5 minute time pockets of magic, give the BOOST Housework Circuit a try.

Today is the best day to get started.

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