If you’ve got Thanksgiving leftovers to use up, here are some interesting ideas.

If you haven’t had Thanksgiving yet, keep these in mind so you’ll be ready to save some time and money this Thanksgiving.


After-Thanksgiving Gnocchi

A quick way to turn leftover mashed potatoes into delicious gnocchi! gluegunannie.com


Rob Endelman – Creative Thanksgiving Leftovers

(Sorry, 15 second delay at start; patience!) Tired of the same leftovers? Learn some new ideas from Chef Rob Endelman.


Leftover Facials

Beauty Expert Stacy Cox showed how Thanksgiving leftovers can be used to reduce wrinkles and under-eye swelling.


Chef Raymond 9 (Thanksgiving leftovers)

Thanksgiving leftovers

Take 5: Thanksgiving leftovers

Five ideas for what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers


What to do with Thanksgiving Leftovers, make Calzone

Sign up for Rob’s email list, free stuff often: www.cookingfordads.net This has become a favorite Barrett Thanksgiving tradition. Thanks to my sister who came up with the idea. This is a great way to use any leftovers but especially Thanksgiving left…


Happy Thanksgiving : Leftover Mashed Potatoes : Cooking Tips : Funny Side Up

Happy Thanksgiving! Wondering what to do with your abundance of leftover mashed potatoes? Watch and learn as Lisa teaches herself how to make potato croquettes on this episode of Funny Side Up.Lisa makes herself food. Lisa makes yourself laugh. Funny…


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