I am thinking that this is a great time to get rid of what's been nagging you and get on with it.

You may not get this right away but it will work what ever time you see it.

If you are feeling anxiety, or if you are just feeling stalled, take a minute to think about what is nagging you – what's dragging you down – and just get it out of your way.

If you have more than one thing, or if it will take a few steps, write it down and have some fun stroking it off of your list!

I'd love to hear from you. What kind of things did you get out of your way?

Here's my list

  • wash dog
  • play with new software I got to draw pictures on computer (you'll be seeing more of it soon. Cool
  • do banking.
  • organize my schedule
  • do some gardening/spend some time outside – it's a nice day!

Nothing terribly exciting, but I will be glad to do it.

How about you. The mere act of writing it down helps! 

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