Save Time & Energy – Set Yourself Up!

Is there something that you have been doing inefficiently for a long time?

Something that has been costing you time, energy and effort when there is a better way to do it that you just haven’t gotten around to yet?

Why not do that today?

Brainstorm a little bit if you need to, there must be something that you can change to make it just a little bit easier next time, or even to make it possible to omit the task completely.

And then, use this concept to make BIG CHANGE in your life…


Grab a pen and paper and make a quick list about what you could do in 5 minutes – 5 minute tasks that you didn’t do over the challenge, things you could get started at – and keep doing until they are finished over more than one 5 minute time pocket or things that you could do on a regular basis.


Pick a time that you will be likely to grab this 5 minute opportunity. I found that 5 things first thing was the best time for me.  I did it while my kettle boiled for my morning coffee.

Not the time that I would say that I’m at my most energetic, but hey! It only took 5 minutes and the feeling of having it finished for the day – and enjoying the results – made it worth… every minute.


Some of you may remember this term from basketball.

A team member ‘sets up’ a player who is good at shooting baskets – and WHoOSH! – in it goes.

In this case, you are setting yourself up for future days to make a task easier, faster, better or just increase the odds that you will do it at all.

Would adding a basket here and there to collect things to put away in the room make it nicer, and clean up faster and easier?

Is there a tool or change that you can make that you’ve been “meaning to get to”?

An example of something like this that I am doing is to get a bigger bowl or bucket for our dog water.

Right now it is too small so I am continually refilling it, why not just get a bigger one and do it once?

Silly me! I’m sure the dogs will be happier not to have to wait for me too.

Don’t forget your water break when you are finished (use your own bowl :0)

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