What Are You Going To Do With All Of Your New Free Time Now That The Challenge Is Over (lol)

Did You Know That…

Over the past 31 Days you have been doing more than JUST tidying up those little things that annoy you and get in your way.

Although that has been a FANTASTIC benefit.

You have been doing something else.

You’ve been building your muscles.

Yes you have!!

You have found out that…


you can do SOMETHING, even when you don’t want to.

And you CAN START.

You’ve found out that often that is all that it takes.

And just how nice it is when you do put up even a small effort.

Are you ready to take it up a notch?

Why stop now?

You have come so far, but you can do more.

And you can have the home that you want.

What’s next?

How about this?




I have loved the Spring Into Spring Cleaning Challenge over the years and many of you have too.

And as with all of my programs, every year I like to update and add a little.

So that is what I am doing.

It’s almost ready – watch for Spring CLEAN 2014 coming up!


The Spring CLEAN program is 6 weeks long, each week we will focus on a new area and spend approximately 20 minutes a day on a focused task.

There is nothing like a Spring CLEAN to usher in spring and visions of summer.

I hope that you will not lose the momentum that you have created over the past 31 days and join me in the coming 6 weeks to get your house ‘crazy clean’ so that you can enjoy the summer with your kids – or on the beach reading a book!

I remember when my kids where younger I always regretted the messes that I didn’t get fixed before they where out of school – because they never seemed to get done and things would have been soooo much nicer.

If your kids are still home – you still have the chance.

Don’t miss out!

Watch your email to find out how to join in.

As a participant in the 5 Minutes for 50 Days Challenge, you of course will receive a deep discount coupon.

(missed out on the challenge? You can join in here, it’s free!  5 Minutes for 30 Days Challenge)

I am so looking forward to helping you through this next best thing!!!

See you soon.

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