Despite any failure to follow through on Resolutions of New Years Past, right now really is the best time to plan, learn from the past and create a clear course for the new year coming – which just happens to be 2015 right now.

Just the sound of it gives me tingles.

2015 being a ‘teen number’ smack dab in the middle of a decade just gives off a feel good vibe!

So what are you going to do with it?

How about starting a Revolution?

A Revolution Within Your Own Life.

A time not to overwhelm yourself with too many promises, but a time to adapt ONE HABIT TO RULE THEM ALL!

What does that mean?

It means that now is the time to ponder what one thing you can change that will give you a domino effect.


I am CHOOSING TO DO SMALL THINGS when ever I can to take me many steps towards excellence (with very little time and effort.Small tweaks can give big payoffs over time!

For instance, this morning since I had as much time as I wanted, I CHOSE to make a smoothie for breakfast and to drink through out the day (a GREEN SMOOTHIE OF COURSE!) In doing this I bypassed the offer of a homemade peanut butter cookie instead.

Last night, I also CHOSE to have a grapefruit for a bedtime snack (I LOVE THEM!) instead of a cookie!

This morning, I vacuumed for 10 minutes rather than schlumping about.

Little things like that.

It can be as simple as CHOOSING TO ASK YOURSELF…

What Small Thing Can I Choose Right Now That Will Take Me In The Direction I Want To Go?

Do that a few times over every day and watch the results.

Happy 2015 to you and remember…

You Get To Choose!

Your own actions.

And your own thoughts.

And to make them work for you.

I sincerely hope that you do.

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Jan Ferrante

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