Today’s Bright Idea: Clean Your Oven Naturally – No Toxic Fumes!

brightidea285cGetting ready to make Easter Dinner?

If your oven needs a good cleaning first, here is a natural oven cleaner recipe with pictures and instructions for you to try.

I used to use toxic oven cleaners years ago – I didn’t know any other way.

Now homemade natural cleaners are becoming the logical thing (I never understood how polluting the earth while cleaning – and toxifying – our homes was clean!)

Here is what Heather Crosby of Yum Universe has to say…

Commercial oven cleaner is one of the most toxic cleaning products that you can use. Some can contain lye and ammonia which actually eat your skin (I guess that’s how it eats the residue off your oven, too). The fumes not only get into your lungs and linger in your home, but they stay in your oven once it is “cleaned” and the chemical residues intensify as you bake them into your food. And then there’s the waste that enters the environment with disposal. Eek.

You can see her complete article with her natural oven cleaning recipe and photos here.

I am going to be trying this one myself!

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