April 18, 2010
Thanks For the Shoes

I was on my way to put the dog out this morning, stopping to choose which pair of my kids shoes to quickly slip on – all of which are too big for me now so they are much faster than my own – and hey, they’ll never know unless you tell them :0).

Then I realized that EVERYONE’S shoes were here.

What a treat.

I remember when I used to sigh as I tripped through the pile of shoes at the door, they all had too many and they were always in the way.

A person could break an ankle trying to get out the door you know!

As time wore on, there were fewer and fewer – the kids have grown and often are out more than they are in – all of them at the same time on occasion.


So I smiled, said thanks for this day and the sleepy heads who belong to the pile of  shoes blocking the door, slipped on my daughters slip-ons and put the dog out.

Coming Soon

  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Homework
  • and All The Other Things We Are Grateful For :0)

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