I came across this great article today that is worth the few minutes it will take to read to give you some motivation to take a minute or two and examine your bank account charges then trim them down – or eliminate them completely.

Top Secrets to Saving on Bank Fees

Speaking of bank charges, are you regularly up on your finances?

It can be jaw dropping how much money you can save by paying your bills on time.

Do you have a day every week when you put aside some regular time to pay your bills and touch base with your finances?

Sound crazy?

It really isn’t that hard, it’s easier than letting your money run wild.

If you need some help, I put together a free resource for you called Making Change, it’s the system that I personally used to get my finances in order.

The most important thing?

Choose one day a week – I do Fridays – see what’s due and pay it, do any budgeting that needs to be done and so on.

If you haven’t signed up for it yet, you can do it here.

Remember, the little things do add up!


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