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  1. Holly Rigsby

    I am excited to hear about your progress! Keep up the great work and be sure tolet me know if you need anything. 2008 will be bringing new Fit Yummy Mummy tools and strategies to accelerate your results.

  2. queenofkaos

    It’s great to hear from you Holly. I have been listening to your CD’s today, I have one on right now.

    There is so much in there that is exactly what I did to loose 10 lbs a few years ago – 5 of which have crept back on.

    It’s great to have the inspiration at my fingertips.

    I’m really looking forward to getting back on track. I never felt better than I did when I was active at our gym and doing all the right things.
    I felt better at 42 at the time, than I did when I was 32 and not staying in shape.

    Thanks Holly for providing such a complete resource for us home fitness mom’s! (the mom stuff is great too!)

    (Just going for a soak in the tub, I’m a little sore but it could be from a flu that’s going around the house or maybe my muscles are waking up :0) Then I’m digging into my first interval session. Can’t wait.

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