I’ve mentioned Fit Yummy Mummy here before and how much I LOVE the program.

Unfortunately, I fell off the wagon – mostly the ‘I”ll Do It LATER’ sydrome kicking into high gear.

Until yesterday.

I have been making a point of getting out for a walk again and set up an exercise area in our house to make it really easy to do my work out, even though you can do it anywhere that you have access to a DVD player and some floor space.


Anyway, Feb is the 2 year anniversary for me of the time that I started the spring challenge at our local gym and lost 10 lbs

Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned the gym closed, things happened and I got out of the habit of regular exercise, even though I know how much better I feel when I am doing it, and how much more comfortable my clothes are.

I hate  LOATHE binding clothes, I think I’m tight underwear-phobic – I can’t stand the feel of anything cutting into my skin – or flab especially!

Since I refuse to buy new clothes just because I’ve gained back a few lbs, it gives me a daily reminder – now I know were the saying ‘have you got a burr in your britches’ comes from).

And I really hate looking at clothes that I used to be comfortable in and looked great sitting in my drawer because I can’t wear them now.


I was so thrilled that I can’t even say when I received an email that very day from Holly Rigsby, author and coach of the Fit Yummy Mummy 16 Week Lifestyle System that she is doing a Transformation Challenge to help us get ‘bikini ready’ over the next three months. (My beach bumming bikini days are pretty much over, but I will be happy to wear my summer clothes without bulging in all the wrong places and to be able to hang out at the beach with the kids without literally hanging out of my bathing suit!)

So imagine my even bigger thrill when I found out that it was not a way to add on a bigger ticket item to her product, it is free to anyone who has her program! 

There are a few requirements such as purchasing and following her program to lose your desired weight over the next 3 months. And you need to submit a before and after picture of yourself.

I think these requirements only make it much better, so I’m all for it.

I will be keeping a detailed diary of my experiences over the next 3 months of the challenge at my SIZZLIN blog if you want to pop by.

Better yet, join the challenge, you will be given an online journal for the challenge and you can also feel free to get additional support and give your own input at my blog as well.

I will also be putting up a weekly podcast with tips and things that are working for me, and giving you my progress throughout the program. You can look for my first ‘break-free’ podcast over the next few days.

I know from previous experience that a challenge is exactly what it takes to make a weight loss program a success for three major reasons.

Accountability – This is probably the number one thing that works for me. Knowing that others are watching and encouraging, especially a key person who you see ‘doing it right’, makes a huge difference during those pivotal moments of truth, when you are standing at the cupboard trying to decide whether or not to go ahead and eat the cookies!

A Prize – Holly is giving away some nifty prizes worth more than the cost of the program. Even though the prize at the last challenge I did was just a hair cut, it motivated me. Losing weight every week was the real motivator, but I have to say, knowing that I could win something helped me along.

Here are the prizes, not too shabby!

  • $250 Shopping Spree
  • iPod Nano
  • $100 Victoria’s Secret Gift Certificate 

Community – At the last challenge I did, we had weekly meeting were we shared our wins and what was working, or not working for us. It was a very large component of my success. You can get the same thing only the community is online and available when you need it during the Fit Yummy Mummy challenge. 

I’ve listed a few of my favourite things about Holly’s program below. 



  • The workout is fast but intense. You really feel like you’ve done something, but it is short enough that you can squeeze it in on even your busiest days.
  • It is customizable. You can customize the workout (in fact, that is one of it’s strengths) to suit your fitness level and you can customize the your basic schedule to suit yourself. You can do the full workout every other day, or you can break it up into smaller portions through out the week, or you can mix it up to totally suit your schedule – a fitness program truly created for Mom.
  • It’s portable. Very little is needed to follow the program and you can do it in a space that is basically your height square. I use my laptop and play the DVD where ever I am in the mood for. You can even do it outside when the weather is nice.
  • You get a menu plan that does not tell you exactly what to eat. I can’t follow those. But it gives you a plug and play, sensible plan that is easy to follow and outlines exactly the same rules that I used to lose my original 10 lbs.
  • You get CD’s that you can listen to to give you even more incentive including Mom time tips and some really solid information from Holly – in the trenches (an interesting side note is that her partner on the Video and some of the Audio is her ex husband’s new wife, which speaks volumes to me about Holly and the kind of person she is.)
  • The program is doable and as I’ve mentioned, is a collection of what I know from my own experience works. If I can do it, anyone can do it!


  • The only thing that I would like to see is more Video in the program, especially for the advance level. That said, it isn’t really necessary because due to the nature of the program, you can pop the video that is supplied in and use it as a guide while doing your own advanced routine, and at some point you won’t even need the video when you get your own routine down (all exercise how to are supplied).  Also, Holly does supplement by sending additional work outs to download for some variation throughout the year.

Bottom line (and that’s what counts!) is that Holly has put together a solid program that will work if you follow it.

And now with the Transformation Challenge it is easier than ever.

If you are feeling dumpy, low on energy with a blah, winter attitude (been there and doing it all winter!) I encourage you to sign up for Holly’s program and join me and other Fit Yummy Mummy’s to get back in the game.

Head on over and get the program. You will receive the challenge details in your email. If you don’t, let me know in the comments section and I will send them to you. 

I’m off to take my before picture (I will try to be brave and post it to my SIZZLIN’ blog) to do my workout, and to go for a walk in the mist that we have going on this morning, I walking in the forest with a mist on the snow! 

UPDATE: Here it is March 15.11 – 2 days before my 47th birthday! I am feeling fantastic. Why? Because I have continued to with a healthy lifestyle using Fit Yummy Mommy as my guide. Holly started Club FYM – it is jam packed full of everything you could need to know as well as multiple challenges through out the year.

Click here to get a free video that Holly is giving away as well as 5 Fat Loss Mistakes AND the Get Your Body Back Starter Pack.

It’s all free.

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  1. Jan!
    Thanks so much for being on board and helping women everywhere get excited about this great event!
    I wanted to let you know I was offered a little help and the prizes are now THIS….

    Grand Prize – $1,000
    Second – iPod Touch ($299)
    Third – $250 gift card to Victoria’s Secret

    I appreciate your support and look forward to hearing about your progress!

    Holly Rigsby’s last blog post..Sleep…

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