One of the best things that you can do to manage
it all is to be in your best health possible and to feel
strong – and great about yourself. 

You are the center that everything else comes from after all.

My friend and fitness mentor  Holly Rigsby – 
a mom as well,  has put together a 34 page report to
help us with just that and it’s all completely free.
The report shows you exactly what
you need to know to lose your belly fat
and get your bikini body – or at the very least
get you on your way one day at a time.

Here’s a quick list of what’s in it…

1. Clean Eating
2. Challenge
3. Morning Movers
4. Keep Moving
5. Front Load Meals
6. PI’s “Planned Indulgences”
7. Caffeine
8. Supplements
9. Journal
10. Consistency

What’s the catch you may be wondering.
There is no catch, it’s all free no matter what,
and it’s all fantastic information that is cutting edge
and will work for you if you put it into practice.
She has put together a new Transformation Kit
based on her observations of what has worked
for us at Club FYM over the past years and she
will send you info on that over the next little while.
It’s well worth getting the information in the report
and then you can decide whether or not you are
interested in the full kit. The choice is totally yours
and the report will never cost you a dime – no
payment information is required.
I’ve been a Fit Yummy Mummy myself for long
enough to know that the information and support
that Holly gives is solid and I highly recommend
that you have a look and more importantly,
put it to good use!

So, head on over to:

and grab this awesome report.

All the best,
Jan Ferrante
BTW,  the report will only be available
for the next couple of days so don’t
wait or you might miss it.

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