Say YES!Are you tired of Mediocre?


The answer can be as simple as three letters.

They spell

Y E S.

What do you routinely tell yourself?

  • No, I am not going to clean up that mess today.
  • No, I am not going to excercise, walk, make a healthy salad for lunch today.
  • No, I am not going to do my hair/make up and wear something nice today.

I don’t have time.

Why not try yes?

Many times it is just a matter of becoming aware of your choices, and making a different one.

Just for today try…


If you are alive, that means that you have time.

It is just a matter of bypassing the automatic no and choosing to say yes to an extraordinary life.

Your life.


Start with one of the above for today.

Make it a point to say yes today. And tomorrow. And the next day.

Catch yourself saying no in other areas as well.

And then say YES.

You can say yes to…

  • yourself
  • your children
  • your family
  • your home
  • your job
  • your co workers
  • your business
  • your life


A Story about YES

Grampa and Dad
Grampa and My Dad (who just turned 70!)

My grandfather was a story teller.

He often told us the story of how he got his first job at a garage down the street.

He was afraid to ask for it.

But he said to himself – God bless him –

“Well, he’s going to either say no.

Or he’s going to say yes.”

And that’s it in a nutshell.

My grandfather put his fear aside and said yes as well.

He didn’t say I don’t have time. I can’t. I know I won’t get it. I am not good enough.

btw, the answer was yes. He got the job.

And it was the beginning of a career and lifelong love for repairing and building engines (which has run in the family to my dad and my son – if you can drive it, they can tell you about it).

My grandfather went on from working in the garage where he applied for that job to designing and building airplane engines at Malta.

He was there when they built and the government trashed the Avro Arrow.  (that is a story I wish I had asked more questions about!)

Yep, my grandfather built an extra-ordinary life.

My question now is…

What if he had said no?


What if YOU say no?

What will you have to look back on?

What will be your life?

The truth is that you do have time.


But you won’t have it forever.

What great things in your power of choice will you be missing out on if you say no today.

And tomorrow.

Or the next day.

But today?

YOU can either say no.

Or YOU can say yes.

What can you say YES to today?

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