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  1. Melanie

    I would love to read that book it sound very common sense, I will see if I can get it at my library.I really agree with what you said, I believe you can’t have success in the big things if we havn’t had success in the little things first. It’s a sequential process. Good luck with the new job 🙂

    • Jan Ferrante

      That is so true!! It’s been a big part of my strategy this year – taking small steps and pushing myself and growing a little at a time rather than thinking I should ‘be there’ in one gigantic step. It’s working better than I ever thought possible!!
      The job is a good example. It’s at the valumart in town. Saying it sounds so small, but the truth is that it’s a big step out for me after being home so many years and having other things on my plate -but it’s doable – more so now than ever since I have been taking ‘baby steps’ already – at one time even that was more than I would have been able to think of doing. It’s a logical progression exactly as you said – one step at a time! The trick is to keep going :0)

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