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life's too short to miss

…for clutter. Don’t you think?

I was spending some time this morning thinking about what the main point of this blog really is.

It’s hard to nail down since there is so much – clutter, decluttering, simplicity, mindset, happiness, motivation, how to, clean house, finances, budgeting, frugality, minimalist thinking, how to get more time, gratitude, systems, schedules, self discipline, consistency, peace, control, time management…

getting more time.

It all comes down to one thing.

Life is too short to spend dealing with clutter and disorganization – managing it, cleaning it, filing it, organizing it, sorting through it, losing things in it, feeling bad about, being isolated because of it, feeling scattered and losing our dreams because we’ve spent our life on clutter.

There is so much more when we’ve cleared the space to live – to live life on our own terms. To discover our dreams, the ones that have been buried with the part of ourselves that once dreamed them.



As it happened, Unclutterer has an article about this very thing called Staying Focused on the Big Picture. It’s short, worth taking the time to read.

And then take a little more time to consider what clutter and disorganization has been costing you through the years.

Your goals? Your dreams? Your relationships? Your loved ones?


The concept of limited time was brought home to me yesterday when my husband told me our chicken died. This chicken was the only one remaining from the flock we had that was wiped out by some kind of animal last summer.

She was a brown chicken, the others were black and they picked on her, chased her from the food and all that fun stuff. It was kind of ironic that she would be the survivor – and the one left with ALL the food to herself, yet I knew that she would have preferred the flock to lonliness and fear although she did settle in to her cozy nest as the winter progressed.

She was a true survivor, the day she found herself alone she never stepped foot back in the chicken coop – she slept in the trees at night and showed up every day after.

Until winter came and we closed her up in it to keep her warm.

The last few days have been nice, yesterday a record spring like day. She died the day before. She had survived so much and was gone one day too soon to enjoy this serendipitous gift in mid February.

How about you?

Every day you spend mired down in clutter and confusion is one less day that you can spend in the sun.

The sun of your family relationships, rewarding work or career and just plain old fun and accomplishment.

Don’t wait until they are gone.


Choose. How do you want to spend the time you have been given?
Seize the Day.


As it happens, my son had to go to a funeral today for a coworker. My son is 19 and had worked closely part time and over summers in high school with the wife of a man who also worked with them sometimes. He always spoke well of them.

The man died suddenly of a brain anurism at home, his wife found him. They have a 12 year old son.

After he got back I asked him how the funeral went.

He corrected me, very clearly saying

“It wasn’t a funeral. It was a Celebration of Life.”

It sounded just like them and was a good lesson for my son.

I am hoping that he, and you take a moment to notice the celebration of life that is going on around you right now, while you can join in the celebration.

And why not create a few good memories to celebrate and remember YOU by. It’s the greatest gift…

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