Sunday is a miraculous day

It’s about giving yourself permission to bless your home, yourself and your family by taking some guilt free and rush free

time to take care of it.

I do this by doing a little extra on my BOOST Housework Circuit and really taking the time to enjoy the blessing of time. 
Time to do a little extra, and time to appreciate that I have it to spend.
If you would like to join me but you haven’t got your My Clean House BOOST Housework Circuit yet,
you can get yours here – Clean House

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  1. It’s 3:49 on Sunday and I needed a reminder! So glad that I had that video reminder to remind myself :0)

    I am going to take a quick shower to clear my head and take some time to bless my home – finish my BOOST housework sheet AND choose one other thing that I would LIKE to do to make a nice improvement here – then I am doing a workout to bless myself!

    How about you? How did you bless your home and yourself today?

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