functional homeI found myself with a slight feeling of uneasiness going into the 3rd day of a 3 day weekend.

I kept asking myself why. I had been quite focused and using my planner sheets.

This usually creates a feeling of being on track and a ‘strange euphoria’ for me.

What was nagging me?

I realized that it was because although I was doing the right things, some of these things hadn’t gone as planned and taken longer than I would have liked.

That put me behind and slightly dampened the feeling of taking giant steps ahead that I had been expecting from having 3 days… to take giant steps ahead!

I realized that I had to tweak my mindset.

What is the point of working and moving forward if you don’t enjoy it?

When is enough enough?

When can we cross the line between healthy focus and obsession?

So I asked myself one more question.

Functional or Disfunctional?

That is the question we all want the answer for when it comes right down to it. 

Your answer can give you instant peace of mind – or keep you up in the wee hours (if you aren’t already!).

How Do You Know?

You will likely have a sense  of which one is the right answer, but there are a few things to consider as things may not appear as they seem on the surface.

  • Is my home as a whole moving in either direction. Which one?
  • Does the general ‘vibe’ of our house feel like a home.
  • Are my efforts and focus taking me forward?

(Notice I didn’t ask ‘Would your home be featured on Martha Stewart’?)

When I looked at it that way I knew that even if I wasn’t getting the ‘massive results’ that I had hoped for, I am on the right track. That feels really good.

If you can answer these questions in a way that makes you feel good, you are on the right track, even if it doesn’t always feel this way.

If not or you could use some help, we move towards ‘functional’ and feeling good inside of the No KAOS Zone, every day.

Find out more and how you can give it a try by clicking the link below.



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