As you may know, I've been really pumped lately since getting back on track with my BOOST Housework Circuit.

I find myself surprised every day with my progress.

Yesterday I was amazed.

It was time to assign chores and I had a hard time coming up with enough for the kids to do.

That's a new one!

As it happened, we had been given some rhubarb. I had a busy day (and still managed to do my BOOST!) and getting them to help me chop it up for the freezer was the perfect thing.

It was so nice not to have to do it myself with eyeballs closing.

This is a good sign. It means that we are already on to stage 2. That is beyond the necessary and onto the stuff that just makes life a little better.

It's like the place where you break free after running against the wind for the last 50 miles. Or more.


I remember the days when that rhubarb may have sat there and gone bad before I got to it.

Seems amazing to me now since it was so easy to do this time around.

The trick?

Doing a little bit every day so that when the time comes when you need to do a little extra, the good stuff, you have the time and the resources.

Always try your best one step (or 10) ahead.

This takes a new way of thinking but it's quite easy and even starts to come natural once you get onto it.

The BOOST Housework Circuit will help you to do that.

I do mine in 40 minutes per day give or take. Sometimes I do more just because I want to.

You can try it too.

BOOST Housework Schedule

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