Slow Down to Get More Done

We hear it all the time and mostly listen.


About how it's better not to rush.

That rushing is only asking for trouble.

I knew that too, but did I listen?

Bet you know the answer to that. Annoyed


Since I don't particularly like bending my foot over backwards, flying across the living room and landing on my knee with a crash, I can finally say with finality – don't rush… it doesn't get you anywhere any faster.

Yesterday I was having a great day, thrilled that summer has FINALLY arrived. So I had a little more pep in my step and was revved up to get a bunch of things done.

So what's almost the first thing I manage to do?

Rush in the door with a box in my hand, slipping off my shoe on the way in.

Except that it didn't slip off.

So I ended up bending my foot over top of it with my foot still in it. If that makes any sense.

The momentum that I had worked up served to fling me across the room, smashing into the coffee table and falling with a plop on my knee.


I'm glad that I didn't break anything – in the house or in me – so I didn't have to spend the afternoon in emergency waiting for a dr to look at it and all of the other fun stuff that would have gone with it.

What I am doing now is spending my long awaited summer weather sitting in a chair with my foot up.


I'm also just starting the 3 day Green Smoothie Challenge and had wanted to really ramp up my exercise program as well (a la Club fit Yummy Mummy – love it!) to try to get a good start at losing the last 5 or so pounds once and for all.

Now I can't even walk to the mail box (I have been taking the dog there most days – running up the hills – it really gives your leg muscles and cardio a boost.)



Don't rush even when you are feeling good and full of energy.

Slow down so that you have no mishaps and can enjoy the summer AND get more done.

I'll be thinking of you. 

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