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Notice something new?

If you’ve been reading for awhile, the answer will be obvious.

I’ve been wanting a cleaner more expansive look for quite awhile (we are KAOS free after all) and finally knuckled down and made the switch.

There will be more tweaks and changes coming as I sort through some of the finer details.


What are your thoughts on it?

Is there anything you would like to see on the new site? New features? More or different content?

What do you want to know?

What would you like to see?

What do you like? What don’t you like?

Don’t be shy! If you’ve got some thoughts and ideas for me, I would love to hear them.

If you could take a minute to post in the comments section, I’d be happy to send you my Top 10 Tips to Tidy Up Today.  They are simple but effective.

Grab them and use them, you’ll see a difference in your home starting today.


I’m really focused on making this a more interesting place for you. More sharing, more pictures, more how tos, more action tips, more inspiration!

Spring is just around the corner after all! What better time?


What ever you do today, make it count.

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Jan Ferrante

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  1. Congratulations on the new-look site Jan! I think it’s very modern, very 2010.
    I think it would be a good idea to show more how-tos, and to have a part of the home page to sign up for challenges, infos, blog and a part for Ebooks. Sometimes when sites get a new look, we are wondering “Where is….?”
    I really love the new look, and sure will enjoy visiting again over the weekend.
    All the best

  2. Thanks Fee! I completely agree, next on the list is to better organize and update the resources and create an easy reference page.

    Do you have any suggestions for how to’s?

    I’m glad that you like the new look!

  3. Hi Jan,
    The new look is very crisp and clean – I like it! I love the “link within” widget. I just added it to my own blog this week. I love the images because they draw my attention and allow me to choose another page to read.

    I’m connected to a group of women bloggers who would adore this site and your tips! The Secret is in the Sauce is the name of this blog comment support group. You can find it here:

    The membership is mostly made up of mommy bloggers who would love tips for time saving and de-cluttering. Get connected! I think you will find a new tribe of (over 5000) women to connect with for fun and for interesting blog post ideas.

    1. Hi Cheryl, I really like the link within widgit too, it looks nice and makes browsing around much more interesting.

      Thanks for the tip. I’m going to nominate you for girl who knows everyone on the internet :0)

  4. I really like the site. I get your email and I am not sure how it looked before, but I think it looks good and effective. I am a 41 year old father of 3, and I am trying to get some of the KAOS out of my life. Thanks for all your help!!!

    1. Hi Keith, thanks, I’m glad to help! Drop by anytime with any questions and be sure to let us know your wins – even 5 minutes a day can do wonders.

      The most effective thing that I’ve done, it’s a process that never seems to be finished, was just to be satisfied with what I have and get rid of anything that was in the way – clutter, things to do, things I thought I should be doing.

      In almost anything I do I resist the knee jerk reaction to do or have more and ask, is there a simpler way. There almost always is. We are still finishing our house and have saved a ton of money by rethinking our plans and simplifying. And we are just as happy – actually happier because the bills aren’t so high.

      Basically I stopped bringing things in and started moving things out. Then things started to change.

  5. Looks great! Very clean. Trouble is i see it and think, boy mine blog sure needs some help. I love your drawing, do you do them yourself?

    Keep up the good work

    1. Hi Debbie, I love your blog. I think it should be required reading :0) I hired a girl to do the ‘queen’ graphics and then used them with software to make the logo and other graphics. It was quite awhile ago but if you want her email I can look it up for you.

      The frugal theme takes some effort and time but it is doable. You don’t need to know any code at all, just take the time to play around with it until it starts to click. And ask on the support forum if you can’t figure it out. You can do almost anything with it.

      It took me about 2-3 days solid to figure it out and put it all together. I’ve still got some things to do on it but that made it presentable.

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