I enjoyed the 'Learn to Cook for Your Family Day' show on Oprah today with mixed feelings.

It was nice to see some simple, common sense tips taking us back to basics for cooking for our family.

The great thing was that the recipes were simple. Most looked fast, healthy, quite easy to make and the prices given were not expensive. 

I big step up from boxed foods or take out – a modern way of cooking for the family in today's world were everyone wants to eat well but no one wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.


It was really eye opening as to how far back we all have slid as far as common sense. A lot of the tips where just common sense but so many people really needed the eye opener.

For example 

– not using left overs and throwing food out is like throwing money out. Do we really need to be told this? Yes, we do! Most of us throw too much food away, including me, although not lately since I have been focused on saving on groceries. In the 'old days' no one needed to be told to use up the leftovers!

– it's cheaper to buy fresh than boxed or frozen. I remember the days when I wouldn't even look at boxed food just for that reason. Then I tried some and it was good and easy. But expensive. After awhile that didn't seem to matter – easy and fast was in style! I had even been convinced that my time was worth it! Guess what. It's actually for more worth my time to cook with fresh, healthy – and cheaper ingredients. 

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