jan……………….anything good to clean stove grates that are  greasy???……………………
I don’t like using chemicals, this natural diy cleaner for stove top grates might be useful

I also find that the Mr. Clean magic eraser that you can buy in the grocery store works wonders on the stove top and somewhat on the grates. Depending on what kind of grates you have I suppose, I also use the stainless steel scrubbers – they work better than anything I find for pots and pans as well. I think they may come in copper too.
It isn’t a natural product but it is very effective with no fumes.
Here is a link with a little more information although it does not contain a complete ingredient list.
It does suggest however that transparency with ingredient listings would be a good idea, and I wholeheartedly agree. Frankly I can’t understand how it is possible that chemical cleaners are not required by law to list ingredients. But don’t get me started!
Hope this helps!

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