Citrus Peels and Water Heated in the Microwave Clean and Refresh!
Clean and Fresh!


You’ve probably all heard about cleaning your microwave with steam – throwing a bowl of water in for a minute or so and then giving it a wipe.

This tip takes it a step farther – use up your lemon and orange peels and get a fresh, clean smelling microwave.

Refresh, Deodorize, Clean and Sparkle!


1. Cut up some orange and/or lemon peels.

2. Put them in a bowl.

3. Cover with water.

4. Place in microwave for 3 minutes.

5. Wipe – you can use the citrus water – just be sure it is cooled down.

OPTIONAL: You can do another round of 1-3 minutes and wipe again if you have a fair bit of built up grunge in your microwave.

Try to do it once a week – you may be able to reduce microwave time to about 1 minute if you do.

IMPORTANT SAFETY: The water will be very hot. Be sure that you have no small children or pets around who may spill the water on themselves or stick their hand (or paw) in.  Dump the water down the drain as soon as you are finished with it or as soon as you remove it from your microwave.

Maintaining your microwave with citrus peels and water/steam is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to maintain a fresh and sparkling clean microwave. Give it a try!

Want to see how it’s done?

Watch this video, it has everything – how to clean your microwave, laughter, lemon juice drinking, dancing…

What else can you ask for…


Courtesy of The Green Apple Home.

And What To Do With The Leftover Citrus Peel Water?

Here are some great tips on using it to deodorize your home – and a few more ideas too…


Courtesy of Clean My Space

Microwave is clean! Now I am heading off to deodorize with the lemon water…

Stay tuned for more riveting fun in the Ferrante household ;0)

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