Sounds like a neat freak type phobia, doesn't it?

While I'm sure that there is a genuine fear of clutter – I have developed one myself over the years of seeing the destructions, KAOS and stress it can bring, and the flip side… the peace, productivity and happiness that clear spaces create  – that's not what this post is about. 

This post is about the fear that clutter brings.

If you have it, and have had it for a long time, you may not even realize it.

It becomes apparent when the clutter – and the fear – is gone. 


And I don't just mean mold, mildew, germs and bugs.

As if that wasn't enough!

I am talking…

Insecurity: when everything around us is a mess, it's hard to feel secure, or sure about anything.

The Unknown: there is a direct correlation between our environment and our state of mind. I've talked about this before. There is some question as to which comes first, but there is no question that a cluttered environent creates an environment of the unknown – we don't know where things are, we don't know what is in those piles, we don't know what to do next… and on and on.

Self esteem: it's hard to have good self esteem when we are afraid to let anyone in our house. 

These are all manifestations of fear.

And they are all consequences of clutter.

I'm sure there are more if you think about it.

Got a nagging tickle in your belly?

Trace it back.

Ask yourself what are you afraid of?

Chances are, if you've got too much clutter, you will find the root of your fear right at the bottom of the pile.


Try going farther than that.

Why do you have the clutter.

What in you is thinking that you don't deserve to take the time in your life to clean it up?

Why are you speeding through your life, without looking where you're going? 


Maybe fear is our biggest source of clutter? 

Lose the fear.

Lose the clutter.

Lose the clutter. 

Lose the fear. 

Either way.

You win. 

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  1. Thanks for a great post đŸ™‚ When I had a very cluttered, chaotic home, I was terrified that someone would see the clutter and yet I was terrified of trying to do something about it (because it seemed so un-fixable). Little tiny chunks of decluttering helped.

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