November 17, 2008

I was admiring my handiwork around the house the other day and suddenly it hit me.

Our house really is an extension of ourselves.

The issue can be blurred when we become unbalanced – becoming obsessed with every square inch of perfection – therefore leaving other things undone, or if we are again unbalanced by sheer number of duties (ie. kids) in the household.

But when all is as it should be, our house truly is a reflection of ourself.

What state of mind we are in, what our feelings about our situation or ourselves really are. 

There is a little give and take, we feel better because we have achieved the standard that we set for ourselves, we feel in control.

And the reason we have achieved it is that we have taken control of ourselves and raised our standards to be what we deserve them to be.

For. Our. Self. 

It's why we struggle so with the issue.

It's why when coming out of years of mess, we suddenly feel reborn.

We ARE reborn. 

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Jan Ferrante

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