Let’s take 5 minutes today to ‘quick clean’ our sink, counter, tub, back of toilet, mirror or washer/dryer…

Or any surface that is worse for wear and nags you.

If there is a bunch of stuff on the counter that doesn’t need to be there, grab a basket or container to put it in for later sorting and put it away somewhere safe but where you will remember to sort it during ‘down time’.

If you can get into this habit – as long as you remember the sorting part – you can make a huge change in the peaceful feel of your home, conquer your clutter relatively painlessly and make it a lot easier to quick clean any surface.

TIP: I find that keeping a cleaning sponge within handy reach for the kids to use when they brush their teeth or use the sink/counter really helps to keep the mess down, as they seem to be the main offenders.

(it’s almost like the kitty litter box, ever notice as soon as you clean it the cat has to go? Well, I also find that when I clean the sink, someone needs to immediately brush their teeth or wash their hands).

Don’t forget a fresh towel while you’re in there for the final touch.

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  1. UhOh, I’m behind in my duties, Your Highness.
    I’ve got the refrigerator shelves all over my kitchen. But it is another day off (got five days paid), which means catchup time!
    No sweat, threw out the hidden stuff, hosed down the shelves, drawers etc in the shower. Relined the glass shelving with Press and Seal. Tomorrow is payday, so all fresh goodies will have a place to go.
    So today can be catch the clutter in the bathroom, and surfaces. Free time treat will be get out in the sun, for a walk.

    1. I hope that you did get out for your walk!! It is so important to strike a balance for our health and enjoyment.

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