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Kitchen Counter before and after


Kitchen counter tops are one of those things that often pass under our radar but can make perhaps the biggest difference in our lives – because a clean counter top also effects our heath because we begin to cook and prepare more healthy foods –  and this begins a chain reaction towards the fridge and cupboards.

They don’t say

the kitchen is the heart of our home

for nothing!

Sadly, kitchen time is becoming a lost art – happily, it is trending back as we see the cost of too much rushing and too much junk food – both in our health and pocket book.

about my 5 minute fix

I took the ‘5 minute fix’ picture at 5 minutes.

As you can see, it wasn’t complete but it was a lot better.

I hit a bit of a quandry.

the coffee press

I love my coffee press. I searched for a long time to find one and I think it looks nice.

And I use it quite often. And would like to use it more.

But there was no room.

So I compromised.

I tried to put the coffee press away with no luck.

It just didn’t feel right.

So out it came and now sits on the stove top.

We’ll see how that goes – I can see it getting in the way but…

the paper towel rack

Same thing for the paper towel rack.

It’s functional and looks good but there was not space for it.

So it went on another small counter I have that also desperately needs ‘a fix’.

It will do for now.

the fruit bowl

Also, I obviously need a fruit bowl.

So I had to get a little creative with the fruit bowl.

I love the drink pitcher that I used, we don’t use it a lot so it will also do for now.

Someday I need a new one.

I’m going to have a little fun with that.

the cookie jar

Also, I got creative with the cookie jar.

I bought that at a craft sale years and years ago but we don’t have cookies in it much – the girls make them and eat them fast!

So I am using it also for some fruit/veggies.


(maybe you can remind me :0)


This was a bit of a tough choice also.

We use it a lot. It saves hydro and the element in my stove needs repair.

But in the end I couldn’t leave it there and take away the little white stand that is actually a cookbook and recipe card holder.

So I put it in the cupboard below.

Luckily it was pretty clear because of a bunch of prior decluttering we did.

Once again, the value in setting yourself up (as you are doing right now) is invaluable!

And in so many ways.

It’s my daughters birthday today. She does most of the dishes these days.

She is going to wake up to a shiny, clean countertop and a bright shiney birthday morning.

The moral of the story?

Don’t miss Day 6 of the 5 Minutes for 30 Days Challenge.

If you are not signed up, you can do so right now.

It’s just what you need to…


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Jan Ferrante

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  1. Day 6, Like you said, this will take more than one attempt. Many appliances etc. But I put a dent in it today. Checking in again tomorrow!

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