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In my journey to turn this rig around and start saving rather than spending, I've found it necessary to spend a fair bit of time canceling things.

Once I started tracking numbers, I was really shocked by how much I was spending on things that I didn't have time to use.

That is just plain dumb, isn't it!

I nipped a lot of that in the bud when I changed to cash spending, as using money to buy things that I knew I wouldn't use was obviously not a good choice, and just seemed a whole lot clearer when I had to dig the cash out of MY envelope.

But I still had a long way to go when I started examining subscriptions, most of them online.

Most of the things were good things, that's what kept me hanging on.

I just knew that 'someday' I'd get to it.

But as I really started looking in over, in some cases I've spent hundreds of dollars on things that I haven't even looked at, or at the very least did look at but haven't really put into action.

And I know that I'm not alone.

So how about it?

What are you subscribing to that you can 'fogedabout'.

A few of the things that I've been cutting are

– tv channel subscriptions on our dish. Although this has been a challenge since the website doesn't seem to like to cooperate but I am still trying! I figure that we can save a minimum of $15 per month by cutting out the channels we don't watch, probably a little more if I cut a few that we watch sometimes.

– movie subscriptions. I subscribe to a monthly movie called Spiritual Cinema. I kept hanging on because the movies have ALL been very good, and there is none of the crap that I find really offensive when I'm trying to enjoy the evening with my husband or kids that seems to be in a good % of movies on tv – even in the commercials sometimes – these days. But it isn't a luxury that I can justify any longer, and I have a good (big) stack of movies now that we can watch anytime.

– hydro. I've kept the hydro connection to our mobile home that we used to live in because I use it in the summer. But in the summer I don't really need the hydro. I can power anything I use on batteries. At first it was ok because it only cost $12 per month, but now it costs almost $40. For about 6 months of the year I don't use it at all. So it has to go.

– multiple online subsciptions. Too many to list here. I'm still in the process of culling. I am going to make it a habit of thinking twice or maybe 10x before subscribing to anything new. The deal is that I need to USE what I have first. Then 'maybe'. If it's in my budget.


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