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  1. Fee

    Thanks Jan for the planner cover. I went with “Our Clean House”, and am now trying to build it into a functional planner to help me keep all of those routines and targets together. I’m a member of “Take 5″, and when I’m going through my emails, and come across one from Take 5, I finish checking the emails and get to it right away! I don’t usually print it out.
    I do the “Boost Circuit” , and our home has never looked back. I see a big difference. I’ve another binder for my Boost Circuit just to keep all the info together.
    Would there be any chance of you giving some pointers on what to put in the planner,Jan?

  2. Jan Ferrante

    Hi Fee, I think generally the less you can put in it the better. I find that when I have too much stuff in a binder each thing becomes less focused. The fix for that I find is to store action type things – worksheets, checklists etc that I DO in one binder, and reference material in another.

    Do you have the TAKE 5 checklist sheet? I don’t think that you need to print off all of the take 5 things either although there are pdf’s for each unless you want a reference to the details.

    But there is a one sheet checklist that can be used to stay on track within your planner – to be sure you don’t miss any or on days you might want to get ahead or do more.

    They are in the TAKE 5 group if you don’t have it.

    So in addition to your BOOST housework circuit sheet and your take 5 checklist – you could have a separate BOOST housework circuit sheet for your kids if you use it that way.

    I’m not sure offhand what is in the Spring Cleaning Challenge stuff that could be used as a quick reference checklist to stay on top of things. I’ll have a look. If there isn’t anything it would make a great addition.

    After that, anything you DO. So you may want to keep a reference sheet of phone numbers you call often – maybe your children’s friends phone numbers, dr’s and emergency numbers, that kind of thing.

    Then they are also easily referenced if someone else needs them rather than having to going through your address book.

    A few good green cleaning recipes may be handy and favourite recipes that you and your family make – you could put some in that you want to try as well, but don’t get too far ahead until you do try them. Maybe one or two a week – what ever works for you.

    You could put a monthly calendar sheet to track any appointments and as a place for the kids to put anything you need to know as well as school sheets that need to be signed etc. That could save a BIG headache!

    I’ll think more about it and do an article, I think it’s a fantastic question! I also am going to add more about using the BOOST circuit with kids and send it out to everyone who has it.

  3. Fee

    Well that planner of mine is slowly coming together. It’s looking promising, and I’m slowly finding things to add to it. Here’s to a more organized home!
    I’d be interested in hearing what others have put in their notebooks.
    If anyone is up for a cleaner home this summer, then please join me on Take 5 and The Spring into Spring Challenge. Yes – I do know that it’s already the end of June, but with a bit more time on my hands, I’m ready to give it all another go!
    Thanks Jan for your support and the great Take 5 missions.

  4. Jan Ferrante

    Hey Fee! How did you make out with your spring cleaning challenge? I’ve been trying to spend more time outside than in and my laptop quit on me so I haven’t been online much but enjoying the summer! The Best!! Just got a replacement so I should be good to go again.

    Are you still looking for a buddy? I did so well last spring that it’s been pretty good here with some neglect over the summer but I could commit 20 minutes per day to get a little focus going especially in the kitchen – just let me know!


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